It is not conventional aromatherapy.
He who plants and creates, has happiness.

Flower of the Soul is a line of therapeutical products for the aura field, the chakras system, the environment and for the physical body.
It´s a new conception in aromatherapy, studied here in earth and inspired by the spiritual - Canalized in works with healing herbs of the Amazon Forest. After 10 years dedicated to the studies and observation of this alchemy system, we feel ready to present you this "Obra Prima".
This line is made by Expansores of Consciousness, Balsamic Oils, Oils for Massage, Ointment Oil, Oils for the Chakras, Powders and the Sacred Fire that deserves it´s own explanation.

It´s combined aromas made with extracts of plants, handled by an artisan, without chemical additives, with it´s natural power (The active principle of the healing herbs from the Amazon Forest) linked with the great Teacher Master, the Queen of the Forest.
The labels are fusions of forces - drawings/photos/symbols, used for an easy sintonization with your conscientious and unconscious, in a sinergy process, to reach the objective of the meditation proposal. Everything in balance.
The visual instruction occurs through the words of force located in the columns around each expansor´s label, and through the indications written in the label. Intelligence. Everybody can understand.
The mantra (Of each expander) is the adjacent command, "Water that beats in the rock".
It must be recited in high voice, for ample tunning; It is the "subscriber" of the gift, the good and the beauty.
Establishing on yourself - recreated Peace, harmonic convergence, return to the self. Bringing it back to house, I mean, back to the reality.
The aroma acts in the systems of chakras according to the combination.
The result is the oxygenation of the brain, launching air to the lung, supplying the force field, nourishing the physical body, generating peace and harmony.
The conscientious movement of hands/arms/head, "brings in return", awakes.

Be aware you will be working with the element Fire and the Sacred Flames.
All the herbs used in the preparation of all the line Flower of the Soul, are reprocesseds with salt, leaves, metals and cereals alchemizeds, resulting in one "puja" (offering) the Ágni (spirit of the fire), that miraculously, when being burnt they are disclosed emitting all Sacred Flames, with its respective colors, in the correct sequence.
When lighted, it provides glimpse, harmonization of the environment, transmutation of the energies of the place, favoring the contact with the Ascended Masters and the superior forces. It does not finish. It can be lighted many times.

Flower of the Soul is not cosmetic and nor remedy.
It is not industrialized and nor goes to be. It is hand made.
The use is for saw indirect, therefore it makes the good and it´s well made.
Instrument of power.
Using it at the right way as we ask for, "the door opens".
Flower of the Soul is a gate for a new time, confort and peacefullness
for the physical Body and its outskirts.
It is artisan, healthful and without contraindication.
That is Flower of the Soul.
The Gate Keeper.

Flower of the Soul is made in Brazil